2023 Bloomington Townhome Sales: 140
AddressCityStyleClose DateClose PriceCouresy Of
7046 W 113th StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners12/28/2023 285000Realty Advisors of the Twin
10474 Dupont Rd SBloomington(TH) Side by Side12/22/2023 225000RE/MAX Results
11216 Xavier CtBloomington(TH) Side by Side12/21/2023 242750Star Realty
2435 Skyline DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side12/20/2023 410000Chasing Dreams Real Estate
5736 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side12/11/2023 295000Coldwell Banker Realty
10326 Berkshire RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side12/05/2023 315000Coldwell Banker Realty
9516 Woodbridge RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/30/2023 425000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
1501 American Blvd E 203Bloomington(TH) Side by Side11/27/2023 129000eXp Realty
8310 Norman Creek TrlBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/27/2023 540000Edina Realty, Inc.
7401 Landau Dr Bloomington(TH) Side by Side11/21/2023 264900Coldwell Banker Realty
10553 Decatur Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/21/2023 261300RE/MAX Advantage Plus
10512 W Bloomington FwyBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/17/2023 240000Realty Group LLC
7431 Landau CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/15/2023 220000Realty Group LLC
5631 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/15/2023 280000Equity Direct Realty
10549 Morgan Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side11/07/2023 400000Edina Realty, Inc.
11161 Vessey CtBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/27/2023 299000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
5531 Auto Club RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/27/2023 391500Edina Realty, Inc.
11113 Bloomington Ferry RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/25/2023 580000Edina Realty, Inc.
6958 W 84th StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners10/25/2023 300000Edina Realty, Inc.
7823 W 110th StBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/24/2023 275000Keller Williams Realty Elite
7116 W 113th St Bloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners10/23/2023 170500RE/MAX Results
10777 Lyndale Bluffs TrlBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/20/2023 711000Coldwell Banker Realty
10902 Oregon Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/19/2023 259900RE/MAX Advantage Plus
10316 Berkshire RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/19/2023 345000Edina Realty, Inc.
9224 Decatur Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/13/2023 322500Edina Realty, Inc.
9304 Nesbitt RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/06/2023 350000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
3673 Towndale DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/04/2023 352500Bridge Realty, LLC
5361 Hyland PlBloomington(TH) Side by Side10/02/2023 335500Redfin Corporation
7516 Landau DrBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners09/29/2023 271500Lakes Area Realty
10491 Dupont Rd SBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/29/2023 230000RE/MAX RESULTS
9771 3rd Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/29/2023 339300Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - All Seasons
11166 Xavier CtBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners09/26/2023 295000Chasing Dreams Real Estate
11252 Wyoming Rd S Bloomington(TH) Side by Side09/26/2023 579900Coldwell Banker Realty
5356 Highpointe TerBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/22/2023 265000RE/MAX Results
8420 W 100th StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners09/22/2023 235000MNSTAR REALTY
8111 Xerxes CirBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/20/2023 680000eXp Realty
10493 Dupont Rd SBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/19/2023 250000Coldwell Banker Realty
11670 Normandale BlvdBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/18/2023 535000Coldwell Banker Realty
10706 Zinran Cir SBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners09/15/2023 262000Legacy Home Group MN LLC
9525 Woodbridge RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/12/2023 459000HomeAvenue Inc
7308 Landau DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/08/2023 283000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
7340 Landau DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/08/2023 286500Keller Williams Integrity Realty
7549 Landau CurveBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/01/2023 248000Lakes Area Realty
8038 Pennsylvania RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side09/01/2023 430000Weichert, Realtors-Advantage
11131 Xavier CirBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners08/31/2023 289000Wits Realty
8342 Creekside CirBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/31/2023 542000Coldwell Banker Realty
6733 W 82nd StBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/30/2023 369000Bridge Realty, LLC
5622 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/29/2023 309000RE/MAX Results
10304 Berkshire RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/29/2023 350000Edina Realty, Inc.
9324 Nesbitt RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/25/2023 325000Coldwell Banker Realty
5319 Hyland PlBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/22/2023 310000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
451 W 84th StBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/11/2023 340000Anderson Realty
5340 Highpointe DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/11/2023 275000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
10230 Berkshire RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/11/2023 280000Edina Realty, Inc.
9307 Nesbitt RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/09/2023 176000TM Listings LLC
6729 W 82nd StBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/04/2023 332500Edina Realty, Inc.
11213 Vessey Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/03/2023 400000RE/MAX Results
5308 Highpointe TerBloomington(TH) Side by Side08/03/2023 263000eXp Realty
8050 Pennsylvania RdBloomington(TH) Detached07/31/2023 447500Edina Realty, Inc.
10221 Scarborough RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/31/2023 305000Chestnut Realty Inc
11111 Xavier CirBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners07/28/2023 266000Keller Williams Select Realty
10464 Dupont Rd S Bloomington(TH) Side by Side07/28/2023 275000Coldwell Banker Realty
10223 Scarborough RdBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners07/28/2023 300000Trenary Realty Group
5367 Hyland PlBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/28/2023 290000Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices North Properties
5753 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/24/2023 315000Keller Williams Realty Elite
10209 Scarborough RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/24/2023 295000Coldwell Banker Realty
7160 W 113th StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners07/21/2023 275000Compass
5227 Balmoral LnBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners07/21/2023 200000eXp Realty
11132 Xavier CtBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners07/19/2023 290000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
10931 Oregon Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/14/2023 290000HomeAvenue Inc
10422 Decatur Ave SBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners07/14/2023 286000Keller Williams Preferred Rlty
7225 Woodstock Curv 5Bloomington(TH) Side by Side07/11/2023 296000Edina Realty, Inc.
444 W 84th StBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/07/2023 295000JPW Realty
7103 Oak Pointe CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/07/2023 555000Southland Realty
3782 Towndale DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side07/07/2023 320000Edina Realty, Inc.
7000 W 84th Street CirBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners06/30/2023 290000Edina Realty, Inc.
2423 Skyline DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/28/2023 400000Ferndale Realty
9556 Trail East RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/26/2023 170000Edina Realty, Inc.
10476 Dupont Rd SBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/23/2023 270000RE/MAX Results
10741 Lyndale Bluffs TrlBloomington(TH) Detached06/23/2023 860000Realty Group LLC
9708 Cavell Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/21/2023 300000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
10704 Yukon Ave SBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners06/20/2023 285000Realty Group LLC
11052 Oregon CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/16/2023 338500Keller Williams Premier Realty - VH
8409 W 104th StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners06/15/2023 325000Coldwell Banker Realty
11103 Xavier RdBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners06/05/2023 301000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
10754 Lyndale Bluffs TrlBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/05/2023 585000Southland Realty
7419 Landau CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side06/01/2023 277500eXp Realty
8262 Kingslee RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/31/2023 430000RE/MAX Results
10962 Highland RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/30/2023 255000eXp Realty
10440 Decatur Ave SBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners05/26/2023 270000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
7152 W 113th StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners05/26/2023 255000eXp Realty
5523 Auto Club RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/26/2023 335000Edina Realty, Inc.
8504 W 97 1/2 StBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/25/2023 315000Coldwell Banker Realty
5401 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/25/2023 272000RE/MAX Results
9252 Hyland Creek RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/25/2023 340000RE/MAX Results
8501 W 97 1/2 StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners05/23/2023 257300Good Move Realty
10306 Berkshire RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/23/2023 305000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
9212 Hyland Creek RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/19/2023 360000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
10248 Upton PlBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/15/2023 374900Family Realty, Inc.
11126 Vessey Ave SBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners05/15/2023 270000eXp Realty
7337 Woodstock CurvBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners05/12/2023 248000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
514 W 84th StBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/12/2023 270000Wits Realty
7256 Woodstock DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/05/2023 290000Coldwell Banker Realty
5513 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/05/2023 337498Park Street Realty
9552 Trail East RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/05/2023 200000RE/MAX Results
10246 Upton PlBloomington(TH) Side by Side05/01/2023 402000RE/MAX Results
10950 Highland Rd Bloomington(TH) Side by Side04/24/2023 272000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
5321 Highpointe TerBloomington(TH) Side by Side04/21/2023 194000Coldwell Banker Realty
10231 Cavell CirBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners04/18/2023 277500Edina Realty, Inc.
7437 Landau CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side04/14/2023 222000Fox Realty
7224 Woodstock CurvBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners04/10/2023 239000Keller Williams Integrity Realty
8062 Pennsylvania RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side04/03/2023 504000Edina Realty, Inc.
5885 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/31/2023 277000Weichert, Realtors-Advantage
5343 Highpointe DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/24/2023 240000Coldwell Banker Realty
9363 Nesbitt RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/22/2023 355000Edina Realty, Inc.
5712 Hyland Courts DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/20/2023 279900Coldwell Banker Realty
10318 Berkshire RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/16/2023 340000Edina Realty, Inc.
7440 Landau CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/13/2023 238000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
1531 American Blvd E 105Bloomington(TH) Side by Side03/10/2023 127000RE/MAX Results
10241 Cavell CirBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners03/03/2023 245000Minnesota Realty Guide, LLC
10465 Dupont Rd SBloomington(TH) Side by Side03/03/2023 266400RE/MAX Results
11176 Xavier Rd Bloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners03/02/2023 260000Keller Williams Classic Rlty NW
8203 Norman Creek TrlBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners03/02/2023 472500RE/MAX Results
8215 Creekside CirBloomington(TH) Side by Side02/28/2023 605000Coldwell Banker Realty
8357 W 100th StBloomington(TH) Side by Side02/24/2023 265000RE/MAX Advantage Plus
10964 Highland RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side02/24/2023 218000eXp Realty
11105 Xavier RdBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners02/23/2023 239000RE/MAX Results
2163 Overlook DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side02/17/2023 453000Coldwell Banker Realty
8501 W 97th Street CirBloomington(TH) Side by Side02/10/2023 236900Coldwell Banker Realty
10707 Lyndale Bluffs TrlBloomington(TH) Side by Side02/06/2023 625000Coldwell Banker Realty
10309 Scarborough RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/31/2023 275000eXp Realty
8405 W 97 1/2 StBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners01/27/2023 246300Get a Rebate Real Estate
10907 Pennsylvania Ave SBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/20/2023 254900RE/MAX Advantage Plus
10472 W Bloomington FwyBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/20/2023 240000Keller Williams Classic Rlty NW
7065 Oak Pointe CurvBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/19/2023 540000Coldwell Banker Realty
5305 Highpointe Dr 518Bloomington(TH) Side by Side01/13/2023 206000Keller Williams Select Realty
10762 Cavell RdBloomington(TH) Quad/4 Corners01/13/2023 235000Edina Realty, Inc.
8339 Norman Creek TrlBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/12/2023 655000RE/MAX Results
9312 Nesbitt RdBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/06/2023 277500Coldwell Banker Realty
7386 Landau DrBloomington(TH) Side by Side01/04/2023 195000Coldwell Banker Realty